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Updated: Sep 21, 2020

The Isle of Misfits is a sanctuary project that has been over ten years in the making! In 2009, after graduating from nursing school, I moved from my home state of Kentucky to sunny Florida. When I arrived in Tampa Bay, I began volunteering for various rescue organizations in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties. I quickly realized that seniors and animals with complex medical needs were very hard to place in homes, and often ended up being euthanized. I made it my mission from that point forward to help those animals that had been deemed "less adoptable" for one reason or another.

I began by fostering animals in a tiny, one bedroom, beach-front apartment. As my rescue involvement grew, so did my need for space. Eventually I bought a home near downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida, and continued my rescue mission from that location by utilizing a network of foster "Mahms" and "Dahds." Within a few years, my rescue grew, and it became apparent, that acreage would be needed. My family moved to a five acre farm in Manatee County in 2020, and we have applied to become a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible animal sanctuary. At this time, our tax exempt status is pending, and we are continuing to care for the animals lovingly dubbed "misfits," that have found their way to our little family.

At present, our farm is home to two pigs, nine dogs, three cats, and two parakeets. All but three of these animals have special medical needs that require extra care. If you would like to donate to the care of our animals, you can do so via our PayPal link here.

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